The left hand corner of your Fidelity statement provides you with Asset Management Strategies’ contact information, making it easy for you to inquire about your account statement. The account number for each account is listed on the first page of your statement. The account summary is the most important part of your statement. This snap shot shows your beginning monthly account value, any money added or withdrawn from the account, your change in investment value in your account for that month. Lastly it has your ending account value.

Your Income Summary will include your total taxable and nontaxable income including year to date dividends, interest, return of capital and principle, and any additional income. Under holdings, all stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and money market funds are reported including your total cost basis. The Brokerage Activity details all of your brokerage and core account activity during the statement period as well as fees and charges deducted from your account. The core account reflects both the beginning and ending summary as well as a daily break down.

Your account statement provides a fast and easy way to analyze your portfolio while giving you a clear picture of how your investments are working for you. Some clients choose to have their statement delivered via e-mail. You can enroll in e-delivery by logging into your account or call the office and we would be happy to assist you. Thank you for listening to our video.