Hi everyone. Welcome to the September 2012 edition of our newsletter. The markets behaved very nicely in September with the S&P up another 2.6%. The Dow was up about the same amount and small caps and internationals were up just slightly more than that at 3%. The stimulus package announcement was probably the biggest contributing factor to the increases last month coupled with the absence of any significant bad news. Issues in Europe are still being sorted out, but there wasn’t any major deterioration to those developments.

The major economic indicators still seem to be a little mixed which, I think, would reflect most people’s perception of how the economy is doing. The progress is slow and certainly isn’t where we would like to see it, or moving in that direction as quickly as we’d like to see it, but there is improvement.

We started at the beginning of September with about a 60% allocation on our equity side and saw that increase to 80, then on to 100 before selling 20% right at the end of the month to finish with 80% invested on the equity side. Things look pretty quiet coming into November with the focus on the final stretch to the Presidential election. We will watch carefully to see if the market can push through its recent highs and continue further or if it finds something to be concerned about.

That’s it for this month. Thanks for listening. As always, please share this video with friends or family. Talk with you next month.