To open a new account, we will need to complete a new account application. We will need the following information: your full legal name, your date of birth, social security number and your mailing address. Please note that permanent addresses cannot be PO Boxes. We’ll need a day or evening phone number. We’ll also need your employer information or retirement status.

Asset movement authorization is optional and it allows us to move money to your address of record or banking account without needing a signature. You’ll need to sign and date the account application. If you’re opening a retirement account we will need your beneficiary information. In addition to a new account application, you will need to sign an Asset Management Strategies agreement. Some clients choose to set up standing banking instructions. Electronic fund transfers allow us to move money to and from their Fidelity account and banking account and avoid wire fees. Thank you for the trust you have placed in Asset Management Strategies. We look forward to servicing your investment advisory needs.